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Everyday Applications of OR

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The teacher instructional module series consists of the thirteen modules listed below. Each of the modules consists of one or two student activity worksheets (4-6 pages) in which students discover mathematical concepts while solving a scaled down problem set in a context they can relate to. In addition each module contains twenty to thirty pages of teacher resource material which include:
  • Overview of operations research topic represented in the module
  • Case studies of companies and organizations that have applied this OR technique
  • Objectives of the module
  • Initiating activity meant to motivate the study of this module
  • Teaching notes for the student activity
  • Extensions to student activity
  • Homework exercises
  • Project ideas
  • Solution keys
  • Black Line masters where appropriate

Decision Analysis
Decision Tree
Probabilistic analysis of the value of automobile collision insurance.
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Manipulating Functions
Manipulate formulae to estimate average time waiting in line.
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Marketing Science
Gamz Inc.
Planning and testing options for a direct marketing promotion.
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Probability & Simulation
Torn Shirts Inc.
Analyze the results of a simulation to manage a telephone ordering system.
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Frankfurter High
Use probabilistic simulation to determine optimal ordering policy.
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Routing Through Networks
Speedy Delivery
Find the shortest route for a delivery truck.
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Outel Semiconductor
Apply a variety of algorithms to solve a traveling salesman problem.
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Structured Decision Making
Miguel Chooses a College
Use multi-criteria decision making process to select a college to attend.
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Systems of Inequalities
Latisha Develops an Investment Plan
Use 0-1 integer programming model to determine optimal investment plan.
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Jurassic Oil
Determine the optimal blend of gasoline that minimizes cost of blending.
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Cutting Times
Determine the optimal pattern to cut rolls of paper while minimizing trim loss.
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High Step Shoes
Determine the optimal product mix to maximize profits.
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Pizza Pi
Determine the best work schedule to minimize cost of labor while getting the job done.
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