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HSOR.org is a project sponsored by IME-WSU (Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Department of Wayne State University), INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences), and the NSA (National Security Agency). The project is run by Drs. Kenneth Chelst and Tom Edwards.
Series Editors:
Kenneth Chelst College of Engineering, Wayne State University
Kenneth R. Chelst is a professor in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan where he has received more than a dozen teaching awards. He completed his Ph.D. in operations research at MIT in 1975. His original area of interest was the development and application of mathematical models to improve the performance of police, fire and emergency medical systems. He is a nationally recognized expert in the creation of public safety departments out of a merger of police, fire, and EMS. Dr. Chelst has also developed optimal location models that are routinely used by all automotive retailers to determine the optimal configuration of new car dealership networks in the US and Western Europe. In 1999, he led a team at Ford Motor Company that was an Edelman Prize Finalist for "Rightsizing and Management of Prototype Vehicle Testing at Ford Motor Company." The projected savings was in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Dr. Chelst's current interest is the application of decision and risk analysis to problems in engineering management.
Tom Edwards College of Education, Wayne State University
Thomas G. Edwards is an associate professor of mathematics education in the College of Education at Wayne State University in Detroit. He completed his Ph.D. in mathematics education at the Ohio State University in 1994. His original area of interest was the process by which teacher's change their instructional practices in response to current calls for reform in mathematics education. He has been involved with the Detroit Public Schools Urban Systemic Initiative/Program, serving as an evaluator of mathematics programs. Dr. Edwards' current interests lie in the application of graphing technologies in mathematics teaching and the development of mathematical concepts in real world contexts.
Project Coordinators:
Frank Trippi, Public Awareness Committee, INFORMS (1996 - 1999, and 2002)
Jack Pettit, Public Awareness Committee, INFORMS (2000 - 2001)
Teacher Writing Team (Fairfax County, VA):
Hazel Orth, Langley H. S. - McLean, VA (1996 - present)
Lisa Breidenbach, Herndon MS - Fairfax Cty, VA (1996 - 1999)
Barbara Carr, Chantilly H. S. - Chantilly, VA (1996 - present)
Ellen Chien, Langley HS - Fairfax Cty, VA (1999 - 2001)
Ilana Hand, Langley H.S. - McLean, VA (2000 - present)
Marlene Lawson, Brooke Point HS - Fairfax Cty, VA (1998 - present)
Melissa Nicholson, Marshall H. S. - Falls Church, VA (1996)
Helen Snyder, Lake Braddock HS - Fairfax Cty, VA (1997 - present)
Susan Spage, Robinson Secondary School - Fairfax, VA (1996)
Ann Sparks, West Potomac H. S. - Alexandria, VA (1996)
Paul Thomas, Thomas Jefferson H.S. of Science & Technology - Alexandria, VA (1996)
Student Consultants: Matthew Hoffman, Kher Sidarth, Tim Atkins (1997-1999)
Teacher Writing Team (Southeast Michigan):
Rhonda Cooke, Denby H. S. - Detroit, MI (1996 - 2000)
Thomas Evasic, Farmington H. S. - Farmington, MI (1996 - 2000)
Christine Langley, Detroit Country Day School - Birmingham, MI (1996 - 2000)
Operations Research Consultants:
Matthew Rosenshine, Professor Emeritus of Industrial Engineering,
      Pennsylvania State University
- State College, PA (1996 - present)
Donald Gross, Dept. of Systems Engineering and Operations Research,
      George Mason University
- Fairfax, VA (1996 - present)
Carl M. Harris, Dept. of Systems Engineering and Operations Research,
      George Mason University
- Fairfax, VA (1996 - 2000)
Marilyn Maddox, Ford Motor Co. - Dearborn, MI (1998 - 2000)
Robert Cowles, National Security Agency (1996 - present)
Ted Brawner and Gerald N. Gambino, Fairfax County Public Schools (2001 – present)
Rob Shumsky, University of Rochester (1999 – present)
Norm Curet, University of Maryland; Baltimore (1999 – present)
Collette Coullard, Northwestern University (2001 – present)
Reuven Levary, Saint Louis University (1998 – present)
David Goldsman, Georgia Tech (1997 – present)
Barry L. Nelson, Northwestern University (2000 – present)

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