Case Studies

Each module includes three or four case studies. They describe an organizational application of the technique that is the focus of the module. The cases are all drawn from published literature and include an assessment of the overall impact. The case studies are often the first part of the module that teachers read with an eye towards motivating their students to learn the related concept. The homework, extensions, and project ideas contained in each teacher's guide are often linked to the specific case studies. (Please go to a specific module if you are interested in seeing the related case studies.)

American Airlines
DINAMO Yield Management at American Airlines has $1.4 Billion Impact

American Red Cross
Improving Red Cross Blood Drives Through Simulation

AT&T's Call Processing Simulator

Bethlehem Steel
Planning Mother Plate Requirements at Bethlehem Steel

British Columbia Hydro
Strategic Decisions At BC Hydro

Burger King
Burger King Uses Simulation to Improve Operations

CAMP (Computer Assisted Menu Planning)

Forecasting Music Sales on the Internet

Coast Guard
Coast Guard Buoy Tenders

Detroit Edison
Coal Unloading Times

Mathematical Models in Farm Planning

Farming: China
Agriculture in China

Optimizing Direct Marketer Mailings

Using Fire in Forest Management

Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo and Company

Hertz Develops Yield Management System

HP – Design for Localization Reduces Deskjet Inventory by 18% & Saves Millions

Kendall Corporation
Gauze Splitting Operations at Kendall Corporation

L.L. Bean
Allocating Telecommunications Resources at L. L. Bean

McDonald's Franchises

Meals on Wheels
Routing System for Meals on Wheels

Meat Industry
The Meat Industry in New Zealand

Merrill Lynch
Mining Databases for "Gold"

Metelco, S. A. - Greek
Metelco S.A. Efficient Drilling of Printed Circuit Boards

Meter Readers
Scheduling Meter Readers

Nabisco Brands


Capturing the Lion's Share of the Telematics Market

Petroleum Products
Delivering Petroleum to Customers

Ponderosa Plywood: Mexico
Lumber in Mexico

Santa Clara University
Drug Tests for Student Athletes

Sears Repair - Dispatching Problems

Seattle Mariners
Seattle Mariners Season Tickets

Effectively Forecasting Attendance to Manage Movie Theatres

Soft Drinks
Vehicle Routing in the Soft Drink Industry

Spanish Government Data Processing Acquisitions
Spanish Government: Data Processing Acquisitions

Special Ed School Buses
Routing Special - Education School Buses

Sport Obermeyer
Sport Obermeyer Increases Profits by Two-thirds with Probabilistic Forecasting and Inventory Models

STDs: Kenya
Using Simulation to Control the Spread of STDs in Kenya

Tata Steel
Tata Steel of India

OMEGA System of Blending Gasoline for Texaco Oil Company

Thomas Bolton, Ltd.
Cutting Stock and Scheduling Problem at Thomas Bolton, Ltd.

Toilets: New Zealand
The Toilets Down Under

U of M Nursing
Nursing Schedules at University of Michigan

U.S. Army
U.S. Army Manpower Long-Range Planning System

U.S. Army Air Defense
U.S. Army Air Defense Weapons-Mix

U.S. Army Base
U.S. Army Base Realignment and Closure

U.S. Army Cargo-Handling
U.S. Army Cargo-Handling Problem

United Airlines
United Airlines Station Manpower Planning

Zip + 4

Virginia DMV
Virginia DMV Queueing Management System

World Cup Soccer
Decision Making in World Cup Soccer

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